The Cavs made the call to leave Lebron James, Kevin Love, and Kyrie Irving behind as they traveled to Memphis to take on the Grizzlies on the second night of a home-and-home, and that’s complete bullshit. Cleveland travels to Memphis exactly once a year and take their ridiculous ticket prices along with them. It’s a complete joke that all three weren’t even in the state for the contest when they are all perfectly healthy.

Lebron is 31 and in the 14th year of his career, so he believes that he has “paid his dues” and earned the right to a night off. You know who paid, Lebron? 18,000+ people, to see you. Mothers and fathers who work 40 hours a week for the chance the take their kids to see you, the “greatest basketball player ever”. But no. They paid the price to see you, but you’ve already played in Memphis in your career, so that’s fine.

I don’t mean to pick on Lebron here when the real clown is Kyrie Irving. At the ripe old age of 24, Mr. Irving has cited his “tired legs” as the reason for not dressing the past two games. That’s complete bullshit. But no, let’s give the kid a solid week off so his old legs can rest and recover. 34 minutes of basketball 3 to 4 nights a week is too much for you? Maybe you made the wrong career choice tough guy.

Why can’t the Cavs sit these guys one at a time over the course of a few games? Or sit them all at home, where they only play 41 times a year? I understand that then season ticket holders would be upset, but there are still 40 other chances to see them throughout the year. It’s bad for the fans, it’s bad for the game, and it needs to be stopped immediately. If I were Adam Silver, I would be absolutely furious. There is no reason that a team’s entire “big three” should not be in a game when they are all healthy and able to perform.

When Popovich sent his stars home early from a road trip in 2012, he was fined $250,000 by the league, but apparently no fine is expected for puppet master Tyronn Lue or the Cavs. Moves like this just further my thinking that the NBA is a joke. I’ll stick with the NCAA when it comes to watching basketball games.

Oh, and by the way, Michael averaged 37.0 minutes a night over 82 games when he was 39.


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