The NFL is considering changes to its schedule, as early as next season.

The league features several games in London each season, and, to this point, the games have kicked of at 9:30am EST, meaning fans on the west coast have to deal with a 6:30am kickoff on a Sunday morning, which has not exactly been great for ratings. This season saw Jaguars-Colts in Week 4, Giants-Rams in Week 7, and Bengals-Redskins in Week 8, all kickoff at breakfast, for those of you crazy enough to be awake before noon on a Sunday. For next season, the league is considering changing the start times to 1:00pm EST, the same as the first set of games played stateside.

It has been reported that the league is also considering doing away with Thursday Night Football, with the exception of the traditional Thanksgiving Day games, and I could not be happier. Football is meant to be played on Sundays. Sure, Monday Night Football is alright, but Thursday is just unnecessary in my opinion. It is also insane to expect teams to be ready to turn around and get ready for a new opponent with only 4 days off in between. Is the league really taking in enough revenue from the added day to continue to risk player safety for games that usually aren’t that fun to watch?

Thursday night games aren’t good for the players, who are still recovering from the Sunday before. They aren’t good for the fans, as the quality of play is usually poorer due to the shortened work week for teams. They aren’t good for the networks, who have had to pay for the rights to games that they would have already had the rights to if they were played on Sunday. And they haven’t been good for the league, as ratings have dropped drastically this season, due to all of the above reasons. (Oh, and it created the Color Rush movement, which is reason enough to do away with TNF.)

In a perfect world, football is played on Sundays and in America. That’s how it has always been and always should be.


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